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Acetone Does the Trick

So, if you don’t know by now,  I am doing summer chemistry research at my college over the summer. Both my bowl piece and my bubbler, which are both glass, have gotten amazingly filled with resin. I tried cleaning it out with water, and that helped, but they were still pretty gross. I know you can use alcohol to clean them, but in my lab, to clean things we always use acetone, so I decided to bring my pipe into lab last night while no one was there and I cleaned them just using acetone. I worked perfectly! Plus, it was free and close by. What substances have you used to clean your piece with?

Because I want to become a vet, I spend a lot of time in labs. One thing I noticed while I have been in lab is how almost all the instruments ad tools are made from glass. They have beakers that look just like ash catchers and tubes that could function as percs. I was thinking of taking some of the equipment and fashioning myself a nice glass on glass bong made from chemistry lab parts. I’m not exactly sure of the design so if you have any ideas or suggestions, leave a comment!

I’m Okay

I’m about to share with you an embarrassing and slightly painful event that I brought upon myself. Needless to say, I was stoned out of my mind and it was a beautiful warm morning here in Southern California. I had my backpack on, my headphones in my ears and my sunglasses on my face. I was walking down to the library on campus so I could return a book and then do a bit of reading for class outside on the grass in front of the softball field. As I was heading down the hill from my dorm towards the steps that led down to lower campus, I saw someone who I didn’t know, but passed by frequently. I don’t think we had ever spoken a word to each other before, and I didn’t know his name.

Nonetheless, in the blissful state I was in, I decided to say a friendly hello. He, however, was not walking towards me, but in the same direction, but I was faster, so when I passed by him, I said all too loudly (because of my headphones) and with a wave, “Hello!” His response was to give me a face that clearly said “who the fuck are you, crazy lady?” but it certainly didn’t put a damper on my mood. I had a lot of energy and decided it was a good idea to slide down the railing of the stairs instead of walking down them. I had never slid down a railing before, so I look back to see if the other guy was watching me (because I didn’t want to look stupid if I went super slow), but he had decided to walk the long way down around the ramp.

So, I start at the very top and start sliding down. Everything is going great, and I’m gaining speed very quickly, so I put my hand on the railing to slow myself down. Immediately I realize that I used to much pressure, because instead of slowing down, I abruptly stop. Right before I fall over backwards onto my backpack, I say loudly, “oops!” which of course causes the otherwise oblivious guy to turn and look at me awkwardly laying on the ground. “I’m ok!” I say, but he really doesn’t seem to care, so I get up and dust myself off.

I was quite embarrassed but too high to really care, so I just bounded off on my way. The fall didn’t hurt too bad, thanks to my backpack and sliding down the railing was a lot of fun.


My mom just told me to smoke weed. Well, sorta. I called her on Skype a few hours ago for a video chat, my once weekly contact with home. Needless to say, I was high, and quite obviously, she noticed. Then she brought up how Washington State is voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use for people 18 years or older. Then she told me to vote for it and that she was going to vote for it. I know its because she has a secret desire to smoke pot! She tried to cover it up by saying it was because she didn’t want her children to end up in jail. I then pointed out that cops don’t arrest people for marijuana and she was being ridiculous. I am definitely going to vote FUCK YES on initiative 1068 so that I can legally smoke wherever the fuck I want to in public in WA. Plus, I could start my own garden, because if the bill passes then it will also be legal to grow and sell. Drug dealer could become a legitimate career.

Puff puff, PASS

I don’t know if this has ever happened to you, but it has happened to me. I have even caught myself doing it once or twice. Here’s the scenario. You are smoking a blunt or joint with one or more friends. Maybe it’s just you and your buddy or maybe you have a whole circle going. Doesn’t matter. The other person, who is not you, just got passed the blunt/joint. They take a puff, but then when they open their mouth, it isn’t to let out that excess of smoke, but rather, to speak. All of a sudden they are headlong into a lengthy complicated story, while STILL holding the blunt! How rude! I’m sure that first hit gave you the great idea to tell a story in the middle of your turn in the first place, but take the other puff and then pass. Once you are no longer holding the burning pot, you may then tell your story.


Right now I am sitting in the lounge of my dorm watching some good ol’ cartoons, smoking a bowl, and eating breakfast, and you know what I just realized? Scooby and Shaggy are huge stoners, lol! I can’t beleive I just noticed it now, but the signs are all there. I mean, the show is basically about this guy and his “talking” dog who drive around and get serious munchies 24/7. They even have that stoner look to them with baggy shirts and jeans and messy unkempt hair. Their jargon is classic hippie talk and they ride around in an old school van. Not only that, but they seem to constantly be running into “monsters” that they later find out are never real and just figments of their high imaginations. Gotta love the message they send kids these days, lol. Grow up, buy a flower-power van, get stoned, and fight monsters!

So, I recently had this idea that since my weed dealer has a different strain every week, that everytime I bought an eighth, I would save a gram. Then, by the time I go home for hempfest, I will have a nice collection of different strains and about half an ounce of the sticky icky. So far, I have 3 different strains and about 4 grams. I am also saving up money from my paychecks so that at hempfest I can buy a really sick piece since there will be a huge selection with unique pieces and sweet deals.  This will be my first year attending hempfest, and I’m not sure if I want to go with my brother, who doesn’t smoke, or a friend or two from college who do smoke. I’m leaning towards the few stoner friends I have that happen to live in Seattle.

Smoking in the Lounge

Right now I am sitting in one of the many lounges that are on each floor of my dorm in college. The reason I am staying in a college dorm over the summer is because I am getting paid to do summer research (A.K.A to smoke weed all day and play with chemicals). Anyways, each of these lounges is equipped with comfy furniture and a huge flat-screen TV.  I love bringing my laptop into one of these rooms, along with some snacks, turning on the TV and taking a few big hits. I love attending a college in California where I can smoke just about anywhere, in any room, on campus, and off.

So the first time I smoked weed was at the beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I was 16 years old and it was 2:00 AM. My friends Amelia, Sheree, and I had just stumbled back to the hotel room of the two guys we had met at the bar we had been drinking at. We were all sitting on the floor in a circle, telling stories. One of the guys, Pappi, asks if we wanted to smoke. I said sure, and so did everyone else. Zack, the other guy, asked if we had ever smoked out of a gatorbong before. I had never smoked out of anything, but I kept that to myself. As he pulled it out and loaded the bowl, he explained how it worked. You just had to put your mouth to the opening and then inhale at a steady rate so that it bubbled. I took the first hit and Pappi helped me with the carb. I was already extremely drunk, but that one huge hit sent me over the edge. I could literally no longer see straight. I got the worst cottonmouth and ran to the sink for a drink of water. We went around the circle and told stories, but I was too messed up to speak, so I just passed out in the middle of their floor. The next morning I had to wake up at 7:30, and still very drunk, I went to go on a two hour horse ride on the beach. Luckily, the hangover hadn’t hit yet, so it was actually pretty fun. My first experience with weed was done in grand style in Mexico and it is one I will never forget.


Ok, so this post is about my bubbler named Rippit. I named him that because on the downstem of the bubbler inside the glass of the bowl, there is a beautiful white frog with black eyes. The rest of the bubbler is entirely clear with black swirls around it. Its great because you can see the smoke bubble up and through to your mouth. Anyways, the name came from the from, because frogs go “ribbit” but since its a pipe and I take “rips” from it, I named him Rippit. I bought it for only $35 from Piece of Mind in Seattle, WA.  It was a super good price for the size and quality of bubbler that I got. The shop I got it from is pretty new. It opened up just a five minute drive from my house on Lake City Way about two years ago. The shop is super clean and incense are burning. The guy behind the counter is a super chill nice guy who will be friendly and chat with you.