As I mentioned in my previous post, my first pot dealer was a guy I found through Craigslist. I was 17 years old and bored so the logical answer to arrive at was that I should start smoking weed more regularly. I was mostly only bored on the weekends, because I didn’t have any real good friends in high school, but I was at that stage where I was starting to get sick of hanging out with my family. I didn’t know which of the kids at school smoked, (the cool ones, needless to say) so I turned to my friend, the internet. I new you could find almost anything on Craigslist, so that was the first place I went, and it turned out, I was right. just by typing “420” into the search bar and doing a search of the personals, hundreds of posts would pop up. Most of them had to do with sex, but a good number were actually advertisements for people with some pot.

I replied to about 50 of them and then I waited. Only about 10 responded and said that they would be willing to sell me some. I did some research on the typical prices and narrowed it down to about three different people. One of them happened to live only a five minute drive from my house. I was very nervous about the whole thing and I kept worrying if I was going to get caught by a cop or kidnapped and raped.

We decided on a time and spot and I told him what color car to look for. When the date arrived, I drove out to the spot we agreed to meet and nervously waited. I saw him coming from across the street and waved over to him. I rolled down the window, but when he came up to the car, he approached the passenger side and reached for the handle. I unlocked the door and he climbed into the car. We went through some small talk and then he pulled out the bag of weed. I took it and gave him the $40.

When he got out of the car, I waited till he was out of sight. Then I opened the bag and examined my newly acquired product. I smelled it and I scrutinized it. The beautiful clear crystals that sat on the leaves, and the strange little purple hairs that grew in between. It was a bit more than I had imagined and was glad to have so much weed (I didn’t weigh it back then, but I would say he used to give me 4 gram 1/8ths). I then went home and proceeded to smoke my first bowl of weed that I bought with my own money.