I just got blazed and watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time. Johnny Depp continues to impress me with every movie he’s in. It was funny, sad, happy, and fucked up all the same time. Loved it! I woke up at around 11:00 AM and did my hair and got dressed and such for a while. Then I packed myself a nice fat bowl in Rippit, my straight shot large bubbler, and put Edward Scissorhands on my computer with the volume on full. Now, luckily, the LA Confidential that I was smoking doesn’t make me sleepy, just super duper relaxed, but it does give me the muchies like no other. So, I ate the other entire half of the domino’s pizza I had ordered last night. I had eaten the other half the previous night along with an entire chicken and bacon ranch sandwich. God, just saying its name makes my mouth water. The pizza was cheese and beef, delicious. Oh ya, last night I also had an entire can of alphabet beef soup. Munchies again.