Ok, so this post is about my bubbler named Rippit. I named him that because on the downstem of the bubbler inside the glass of the bowl, there is a beautiful white frog with black eyes. The rest of the bubbler is entirely clear with black swirls around it. Its great because you can see the smoke bubble up and through to your mouth. Anyways, the name came from the from, because frogs go “ribbit” but since its a pipe and I take “rips” from it, I named him Rippit. I bought it for only $35 from Piece of Mind in Seattle, WA.  It was a super good price for the size and quality of bubbler that I got. The shop I got it from is pretty new. It opened up just a five minute drive from my house on Lake City Way about two years ago. The shop is super clean and incense are burning. The guy behind the counter is a super chill nice guy who will be friendly and chat with you.