Right now I am sitting in the lounge of my dorm watching some good ol’ cartoons, smoking a bowl, and eating breakfast, and you know what I just realized? Scooby and Shaggy are huge stoners, lol! I can’t beleive I just noticed it now, but the signs are all there. I mean, the show is basically about this guy and his “talking” dog who drive around and get serious munchies 24/7. They even have that stoner look to them with baggy shirts and jeans and messy unkempt hair. Their jargon is classic hippie talk and they ride around in an old school van. Not only that, but they seem to constantly be running into “monsters” that they later find out are never real and just figments of their high imaginations. Gotta love the message they send kids these days, lol. Grow up, buy a flower-power van, get stoned, and fight monsters!