I’m about to share with you an embarrassing and slightly painful event that I brought upon myself. Needless to say, I was stoned out of my mind and it was a beautiful warm morning here in Southern California. I had my backpack on, my headphones in my ears and my sunglasses on my face. I was walking down to the library on campus so I could return a book and then do a bit of reading for class outside on the grass in front of the softball field. As I was heading down the hill from my dorm towards the steps that led down to lower campus, I saw someone who I didn’t know, but passed by frequently. I don’t think we had ever spoken a word to each other before, and I didn’t know his name.

Nonetheless, in the blissful state I was in, I decided to say a friendly hello. He, however, was not walking towards me, but in the same direction, but I was faster, so when I passed by him, I said all too loudly (because of my headphones) and with a wave, “Hello!” His response was to give me a face that clearly said “who the fuck are you, crazy lady?” but it certainly didn’t put a damper on my mood. I had a lot of energy and decided it was a good idea to slide down the railing of the stairs instead of walking down them. I had never slid down a railing before, so I look back to see if the other guy was watching me (because I didn’t want to look stupid if I went super slow), but he had decided to walk the long way down around the ramp.

So, I start at the very top and start sliding down. Everything is going great, and I’m gaining speed very quickly, so I put my hand on the railing to slow myself down. Immediately I realize that I used to much pressure, because instead of slowing down, I abruptly stop. Right before I fall over backwards onto my backpack, I say loudly, “oops!” which of course causes the otherwise oblivious guy to turn and look at me awkwardly laying on the ground. “I’m ok!” I say, but he really doesn’t seem to care, so I get up and dust myself off.

I was quite embarrassed but too high to really care, so I just bounded off on my way. The fall didn’t hurt too bad, thanks to my backpack and sliding down the railing was a lot of fun.