My mom just told me to smoke weed. Well, sorta. I called her on Skype a few hours ago for a video chat, my once weekly contact with home. Needless to say, I was high, and quite obviously, she noticed. Then she brought up how Washington State is voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use for people 18 years or older. Then she told me to vote for it and that she was going to vote for it. I know its because she has a secret desire to smoke pot! She tried to cover it up by saying it was because she didn’t want her children to end up in jail. I then pointed out that cops don’t arrest people for marijuana and she was being ridiculous. I am definitely going to vote FUCK YES on initiative 1068 so that I can legally smoke wherever the fuck I want to in public in WA. Plus, I could start my own garden, because if the bill passes then it will also be legal to grow and sell. Drug dealer could become a legitimate career.