Because I am from Seattle, I like to keep up with what’s going on over there (now that I’m in LA), so every morning, I read the Seattle Times online. On Wednesday, 30 people in Snohomish county got busted with thousands of pot plants. Too bad, we could sure use the weed in dreary depressing Seattle. The thing that caught my eye about the article, however, was the front that the pot growers were using: A gardening store! I mean could you be more obvious? Even TV shows like weeds can come up with less suspicious fronts than a gardening store with an “herb” garden. Other sad news is that prop 1068 is likely not to make the ballot due to a shortage of signatures. The excuse? Organizers blame the bad spring weather. Well, I’m still pulling for Cali to legalize. Either way, I plan on getting my med card soon.