My 4 piece Sharp stone Grinder

So, its Friday, and not just any Friday, but one on the end of a three day holiday weekend. Now, my roommate, Rebecca, smokes just as much weed as I do and we get along with each other great. We went down to the marketplace for dinner with Rose and then afterwards we stopped by our dealer’s (Ron’s) house, to pick up an eighth of Lemon Haze and a dub of Green Haze. Then we went back up to our room to try out our newly purchased product. We smoked a bowl of the lemon (which actually smelled lemony) and then we decided to walk to the local smoke shop near by and buy grinders. Rebecca had just lost hers and I had been wanting to buy a really nice one. While we were smoking, we had a great conversation about how life is meant to be enjoyed and taken slowly, because we were in no rush. Anyways, we walked to the smoke shop and had a look at all their cool pieces. I totally love just looking at all the amazing designs and systems people come up with for smoking weed. I ended up getting a 4 piece Sharptstone that’s a pretty decent size for only $25. I also bought some orange chronic pipe cleaner and cleaned out my pieces before we smoked. The grinder works amazing and I hope it collects a lot of kief.

When we got back, we smoked a bowl from my bubbler, while Rebecca rolled a blunt, all while listening to music. We then met up with two more friends, Deshawn and Chelsey, and smoked the blunt on the stairs by the baseball field. Then we all headed back to the dorm to watch paranormal activity. Before we started the movie, we decided to order pizza from dominoes. The pizza and the movie were the shit and overall it was an awesome chill night with my friends.

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