Yesterday I had asked my roommate if today she would go with me to CVS so she could buy me some alcohol, her being 21 and me being only 19. She happily agreed and at around 4:30 today we set out towards CVS. As we were walking down campus, she suggested that if I was going to be getting harder alcohol, we might as well go to Vons. I had never been before or heard of it, but she explained that it was like a Safeway that also sold liquor. We rode the local bus to Vons and while I picked out a $5.99 bottle of 75 South whiskey, $9.99 bottle of Bacardi Gold, and $12.99 case of 12 Smirnoff Ice, Rebecca shopped for groceries. We checked out with no problem and went back to campus. because it was kind of large, I had to carry the case of Smirnoff Ice in my hands on the bus and into my dorm. While I was carrying it into the building, we passed one of the RAs, but she just laughed, so it was all good. It was a fun adventure with my roommate and I am now set with both alcohol and weed.