So, I have this friend John, who I was hanging out with one day, and we were just kickin’ it and telling each other stories and he told me one that I would like to share with you now. See, last summer, John worked full time as a receptionist at a small hospital out in the small town where he lived. As the receptionist for the emergency center, his job was mostly paperwork, including writing down any notes about the patient’s injury, including their reason for coming to the emergency room. Seemed like an exciting job to me, kind of like an episode of ER or something, until he pointed out that because it was a small town that he was from, the injuries were mild and infrequent. There was one time that he particularly remembered however, and this was when a young man entered the emergency room, screaming and shouting incoherently. He complained of severe stomach pains and was talking a lot of jibberish before he went into a coma. The only helpful piece of information he was able to provide John about how he had incurred his sickness, was that he had drank the bong water from his piece to see if he would get high. On the forms that John had to fill out for the doctors, under reason for admittance, all he had to write was “drank the bong water.” The guy ended up being hospitalized for 3 days with some serious damage done, so remember folks, DON’T drink the bong water.