Second semester of my college freshman year, this past year, I went a little party crazy and started going out on weekdays along with weekends. One night, after classes, I was hanging out in my friend Ben’s room with a few other people and we all started drinking. We pulled out the bottle of Gin and made gin and tonics and we all took shots of vodka. Earlier, I had picked up an eighth of AK-47 (I think) from my dealer Kyle and asked if people wanted to roll a joint. So I rolled it and then we all went out to the baseball field where there was a long set of stairs, which everyone just called “The Stairs” where everyone went to smoke weed. After the blunt, we went back inside and all moved to Sean’s room where we listened to techno and watched trippy graphics on the television. At some point we took a trip down to the cafeteria, which was open until midnight, and got tons of greasy delicious food.