Freshman year, I was unfortunate enough to get stuck with a roommate who was a complete opposite of me. She was neat, I was messy. I love to smoke weed, she doesn’t like the smell. So, she asked me, many times mind you, that I not smoke in the room. I guess that was a reasonable request. However, I tend to get lazy when I’m high, and sometimes smoking in the room was the most convenient choice, especially if I was going to wake and bake. So, what I ended up doing, a lot of the time in the mornings, was to just smoke under my covers before she woke up. That way, she couldn’t hear my lighter or smell the smoke that much. One time, however, I decided it would be easier if I just went inside the closet to smoke one morning. It worked out well, so I started smoking in the closet after classes if I wanted to smoke a lot because the closet contained the smell really well.

One day, however, I was smoking in the closet, when my roommate enters the room. I have the closet door closed behind me, so she doesn’t know I’m there. I figure, if I walked out of the closet it might seem a little weird, so I decided to wait a few minutes for her to leave. Except she didn’t. In fact, her friend, Emma, came into our room and they started to have a conversation. After about 15 minutes, I get bored and just decide to fuck it and come out of the closet. I did and acted like it was no big deal, but my roommate gave me the weirdest look.