Let me start off by saying that yesterday was a very good day. I made a lot of progress on my experiment and I got my paycheck, so I was feeling like making a purchase of some sort. Since I bought my Sharpstone a week ago, I have actually accumulated a nice amount of kief, enough that I could make hash with it. So I decided to walk down to one of the local smoke shops and buy a little pollen press to make hash. I walked down to the main street where a few smoke shops were and walked into the first one I came to. It was a tiny little place that was very clean but didn’t have much of a selection of anything. The guy behind the counter didn’t even know what a pollen press was when I asked him if he had one. In fact, when I explained it was something you used to make hash he said “Oh no, we don’t have any of those

After that failed attempt, I decided to go to the smoke shop where I had bought my grinder last week, because it was only a few blocks away and I knew they had pollen presses. I walked in and spent a while looking at all the custom blown glass first. Then I told the guy behind the counter what I wanted and he showed me the different presses they had. There was a real little dinky one that was $15, but a nice aluminum Sharpstone that was only $17. The next step up was a press that was $55, so I ended up going with the little Sharpstone. As I was checking out, I asked the guy behind the counter who blew all their pieces and we got into a nice little conversation about smoking and pieces. He seems like a real chill guy and I hope that we can become friends. I’ll definitely be going back to pick up more supplies.