I’m not sure if this was something other people did when they were young, but when I was in middle school, the thing to do was to sit around with your friends and watch music videos. We would sit around, admiring the rappers’ hot bodies and trying to imitate their dance moves. It’s been a very long time since I have seen a music video (I was never one to buy into the whole MTV VH1 thing), but since I have been in college, I have started to watch them more again. This is mostly because, at parties and in people’s rooms, a lot of the music is blasted from Youtube music videos on people’s laptops and computers. The other day I was smoking with my roommate and we were blasting some music from her laptop and it happened to be from a Youtube music video. Right then, a brilliant thought occurred to me. We were talking about which movie we wanted to go see, and all of a sudden I thought, what if they made music videos in 3D? That would be incredible. The crazy graphics and the awesome dance moves. It would feel like you were at a party because people would be dancing all around you.