So Friday night, I decide I want to go out and I also wanted to hang out with two of my new friends, Katrina and Mary, who happened to live in the room next to ours. So I went and knocked on their door and came inside and hung out for a bit. We talked about what people were going to do for the night. And boys. We talked a lot about boys. I asked if I could hop in their ride over to a 21st birthday party for a friend, Erick. They said sure, but it was only 7 pm by that point so I went back to the room and smoked with the roomy and then watched a movie, although, I can’t quite seem to recall which one at the moment. At ten I went over to their room and we hung out there for about 45 minutes, mostly talking more about boys. We were waiting for another friend, who I hadn’t met, Rissa. When she was ready we walked over to her room and then we all walked down to her car.

We got to the house, which was a small 3 room place, and were immediately greeted by the birthday boy himself. He asked us all if we wanted shots, and we all said yes, except for Rissa, who was the designated driver (due to a cold). He poured us all shots and explained that 99 Apples was a 99 proof, apple flavored vodka. We toasted to Erick and drank the shots. Mary couldn’t finish hers so gave me half of it. We then took red cups and I took a full cup of “jungle juice”, which tasted pretty much just like a mix between orange juice and lemonade. It was really good so I ended up drinking two full cups. I was feeling super tipsy so I went to go sit outside for a bit. Outside were Mary, Katrina, Rissa, and Jordan and we all just talked for a while. It was super chill and Rissa turned out to be a pretty cool girl.

Then I went back inside, where they had finished playing beer pong and were now cranking up the music. I joined a dance circle and we all just got our thang on for about an hour of swetty, alcohol filled grooving. Rissa was getting ready to leave and I was starting to feel a bit nauseous, like the hangover was coming on, so we drove back to campus. It was close to 3 am so I decided to crash. I wasn’t able to see straight at all, so when I closed my eyes, I would feel all dizzy. I couldn’t go to bed yet, so I drank a ton of water and took a bath. I smoked a bowl to help with nausea, so I wasn’t feeling too shitty, just mostly dizzy from the beer goggles and double vision. I didn’t throw up, even though I usually do, and I got to bed by 4 am. Next morning I woke up at 6 am feeling still a bit drunk so I smoked another bowl and fell back asleep. When I woke up at 11 am, I didn’t have a hangover and didn’t feel to groggy either. I guess I’m learning how to handle alcohol better. At least I learned something during freshman year.