In my first year of college, I did my fair share of partying and drinking. My campus happens to be one where alcohol is not allowed. Living in an all freshman dorm alcohol was allowed nowhere in the building. Even if you were 21 years old, you were not allowed to have alcohol in my dorm. Of course, this did not stop us one bit, and my dorm was the rowdiest freshman dorm that year. On the weekends, the halls smelled constantly of alcohol and marijuana and one could easily pinpoint whose room contained illicit substances by the stench that leaked out from them. One Friday night I happened to be in one of these rooms. I was hanging out with six or seven of my friends in my buddy Patrick’s room. We were all taking shots of vodka and listening to music. It was kind of just a typical Friday night hangout. After a while, people got hungry and a group went down to the late night cafeteria for munchies. Patrick, Tanya, and I weren’t hungry so we just hung out in the room and waited for them to get back.

While we were waiting, we hear a knock on the door. Uh oh, that can’t be good. Patrick went to the door and sure enough, it’s campus police, or as we affectionately call them the “Campo”. Campo said that he came over because the smell of alcohol that was permeating the dorm could be traced back to our room and the RAs just saw a large group of people leaving the room. We lied and told him that none of us had been drinking, but he asked Patrick to open up the door wider, and when he did, he saw the one empty beer can that we had missed to hide. He asked us what it was doing there and we told him it wasn’t ours and showed him that it was empty. He still had to write down our names and ID numbers and write up a report. The funny part is that the beer can wasn’t even ours, it was one of Patrick’s roommates’, even though we had been drinking. Two weeks later, I got called in to meet with one of the Resident Life directors who deals with all the alcohol and drug violations on campus. We had a short meeting and for my first time offense, I got off with a written warning and I had to complete an Alcohol 101 online module.