So I get a text yesterday from my dealer saying he’s having a little party that night to celebrate what he calls college Thursdays. I went over to his house with my roommate and our friend Sarah at around 10 and stayed for about an hour. We played beer pong and smoked a blunt that went around the entire room. A lot of my senior and upperclassmen friends were there and it was really nice just being able to chill and hang out with some cool people. After that we walked over to the sorority house down the block and went to smoke out of my roommate’s friend’s new bong. When we were smoking upstairs in a bedroom, they turned on a tape recorder that they have and record all the things they say and conversations they have when they are high. What a cool idea! We plan on taking over the school’s radio station for one night, getting blitzed and just saying whatever we want on it, lol. After that, I went to go sit outside with a bunch of girls from the house I didn’t know. I introduced myself to them and made a few new pretty cool friends. It was a good night.