So last night, I was walking down to dinner when I ran into my two friends Mary and Katy. We stopped and chatted for a bit and at the end of the conversation, Katy invited me to a house party that her friend Rachel was having later that night. They told me we were all going to leave around 10 o’clock and they would stop by my room to pick me up. So an hour before the party, I rolled up a blunt in one of those cyclone pre-rolled blunts, blasted some Lil Wayne from my roommate’s speakers, and lit it up. Katy and Mary came by and picked me up. We drove in a car over to her house with two of Mary’s friends from back home that were staying with her for the weekend. Before we left, we made sure to bring lots of drinks with us, so when we got over to her house, we set everything down and set ourselves up, with Rachel and her boyfriend Dave, with tequila shots, salt and limes.

A bunch of people were playing beer pong inside, but it was incredibly hot, especially since it has just been over 90 degrees that day, so we all went to go sit outside in her backyard. We set up lawn chairs and sparked up a jay that went around the circle about times. The night pretty much consisted of us sitting around that circle, shooting the shit and making new friends. We got up maybe four or five times to take more tequila shots together. Each time we had to come up with a new toast, but the only one I remember was “to a room of ridiculously good looking people.” Lol, I’ll toast to that anytime.

I don’t quite remember when, but at some point, another guy, Andrew, came over and sat in the chair next to me. He was a pretty good looking guy, and we were both pretty drunk, so we started talking. The whole group would be talking and just us two would be having a little side conversation. When my ride decided to leave, I got up and gave him a hug goodbye. Another really drunk guy who I hadn’t met yet, came and sat down in the circle as we were saying goodbye and Andrew said, “hey, we should hang out sometime.” Then the new guy who just came to sit down says, “hey, maybe you guys should make out sometime.” For some reason it was actually pretty funny and I talked to him for a minute, introducing ourselves to each other, before we left. One of Mary’s friends drove us back to the dorm and we walked to our rooms, which are right next to each other.

When I got into my room, I was feeling very drunk, but still pretty good and not that tired, so I texted Andrew to see if he was busy for the night. My roommate is gone this weekend, so I sent him a text saying that and inviting him to come over. He stumbled over to my room from the part and I invited him in. By the time he arrived, however, my drunkenness had started to turn into a hangover, and while we were sitting on my bed talking, I had to go to the bathroom to “pee” aka puke. After about ten minutes, it was apparent that neither of us was up for any fooling around, and it was better for us both to just go to our beds and pass out. He apologized and we hugged goodbye. I then went and threw up a few more times before going to bed. I made sure to drink two full bottles of water before passing out, and I woke up hangover free. I’m glad I’m getting the hang of this.