So today I picked up another eighth of Master Dream (a hybrid between Master Kush and Blue Dream) and when I went back to my room, I weighed it out, as I always do out of habit. To my surprise, the scale only said 2.3 grams! So I thought about if I really wanted to call him out on it or just let it slide since he is such a good dealer. I decided that was a lot to skimp on, so I texted him to let him know. She drove back over to my dorm and brought his dealer friend Tyrone with him this time. It turned out that my scale was off by a whole lot and he had actually given me 3.5. I apologized immensely, and Tyrone was super nice about it. He even gave me some tips about how to fix it and about how a dollar bill is a gram and a penny is 2.5 grams. My dealer owed my 10 anyways, so at least I didn’t make him drive out completely for nothing, but I still feel like a huge dweeb for thinking my dealer has skimped me, seeing as he does do this for a living. Life is just full of these little learning experiences, and I’m learning to cherish them.