Last night I got my second tattoo at a shop right near my school in LA. It reads Los Angeles and has 5 butterflies representing each of my five family members and each of their favorite colors. I got tatted by a guy named Bamboo, so I asked him where his nick name comes from. He told me that when he was 16, there was a bunch of bamboo growing down the street from where he lived, so he used to take it and carve all sorts of things from it. One of the things he carved from them was bongs and his friends started wanting them, so he would make them and sell them to his friends. He said he would make them 6, 8, or 12 feet long. The 12 footer would take 3 people to smoke and it would knock you out. There were two other guys in the shop, Eric and Pablo, and Bamboo and Eric just ripped on Pablo the entire time. They even let me slap him, which I have to say I enjoyed. The tattoo itself took two hours and hurt like a mother-fucker, but I am just ecstatic about how it came out.