So, today is the first day of the tolerance break I am taking. Just until Friday, I am not going to smoke any weed. Then when Friday hits, I’m going to buy half an ounce of OG Pine Kush and be high all of next week before I go home. One of the reasons that I’m taking this t-break is that I go home to Seattle in two weeks, and although I’m in pretty good shape already, I want to shed a few more pounds before I head back to my boyfriend. Luckily for me, once I stop smoking weed, all desire to eat food leaves my body and I can easily drop five to ten pounds in a week. I plan on smoking about half of it here and then flying the rest back with me in case I can’t find another hook up for the three weeks im back in Sea-town. That way I’ll for sure be stocked for Hempfest.