Yesterday was a long tiring day. I worked all day on my poster presentation for our research conference coming up and then after work I walked all the way to the movie theater to see if they had my cell phone, and when I got there all they had were wallets. Fuck! Looks like I have to buy a new phone. I walked back to the dorm and by the time I got there my feet were in pain, all my leg muscles were soar and I was exhausted. When I entered the room, I was immediately greeted by that long familiar stench of weed. I go sit down on my bed and my roommate says hi and then turns to me and goes, “I had a really shitty day.” so I say, “oh noooooo, I’m sorry, my day kind of sucked too.” but then she cuts in and says “so, I decided to roll one of these.” She hold up a beautifully rolled cross joint and I immediately go, “oh yessssss!” We called over our friend Matt and then all went outside to go smoke it. This was the first cross joint I had ever seen in person and smoked and it was amazing. It was completely sealed properly, so it was a bit hard getting the smoke to travel through and into your lungs, but you just had to take stronger drags. At one point, when the joint had burned to the middle, we realized it was going to fall apart, and it ended up breaking perfectly into three mini joints, one for each of us. We decided to call it the puzzle piece joint. LOL. We got extremely high from that shit, and I can’t wait until I make enough money to roll these on a weekly basis.