Last night I picked up 12 grams of Pot of Gold for $160. Pretty pricey, but the stuff reeks or thc, lol. I bought so much because I have exactly one weeks left in L.A. so I am going to smoke as much as I can before I head back and take whatever is left with me. I’m doing this because my boyfriend is very anti-weed, but he hasn’t tried it yet. He agreed to try it with me and I think once he does, he will be okay with it, but I made a deal with him that I could smoke as much as I wanted while in L.A. if I agreed to get a med card when I came back to Seattle. No problem for me. =) So, I went back to my room and immediately rolled a blunt. It was already 9 PM so it was all dark out and the sky was completely clear. I walked up the hill to when a bench was and you could look out over the entire valley. The sky was amazing, filled with stars and constellations so clear against the black backdrop of the sky. The most absolutely brilliant star of all, however, was venus, which is actually a planet. Brighter than all the stars, it even outshined the moon. After enjoying the view, I walked down to the little park down the hill and just layed back enjoying my high and appreciating the experiences that I get to enjoy. I sat there and just really thought about how lucky I was to be where I am, at a college where I get excellent grades, make good money, have plenty of free time for friends, and get to smoke all the weed I want. God Bless.