This whole ten weeks that I have been doing summer research, I have yet to take a day off to myself, so yesterday morning, I woke up a bit early to send my professor an email saying I wouldn’t be coming in because I was sick, and then I went back to sleep, sleeping in until 10 AM. I woke up and rolled a blunt of OGP, blasted some music and got dressed and washed up. Then I walked over to the tattoo parlor to say hi to the guys there. Everyone was super nice and I felt like a special member or part of the family. My tattoo is pretty much completely healed now, so Bamboo took some more pictures. Josh was super cool, and is fast becoming my favorite, and he showed me a beautiful back piece he was working on. After that, I walked two stores down to the smoke shop where I picked up six more blunt cones as well as a $5 metal one hitter that looks like a cigarette. Then I walked to the taco truck and ordered two carnitas, one asada, and one veggie burrito, with everything on them to go. I walked back to my room and proceeded to smoke two joints, eat all of the taco truck, watch southpark, and skype with my boyfriend. At 6 PM I went with a bunch of people staying in the dorm out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was a cool style of eating food, where you all shared, eating with your hands and dipping bread into various sauces and meats. I got back to the dorm and passed out at around 11 PM. All in all, it was a great day off.