Second semester my luck seemed to be running out because I got caught again by campus safety violating the alcohol policy. It was a Saturday night and the school was throwing a dance featuring DJs from campus and everybody was drunk or high. Earlier, I had pre-gamed in a friend’s room and then a few of us had gone out to smoke a joint together. The dance was a ton of fun, and consisted mainly of a large mass of intoxicated people just dancing and doing their thang to some crazy music. Afterwards, about 8 of us headed back to our friend’s room to wind down the night. When we got to his room, we sat around and ate chips and salsa and passed around a bottle of wine. We also got out a sick bong they had and loaded a few bowls, passing it around to those who were interested. We were all pretty far gone at this point and it was getting close to 1 AM so some of us decided to start heading back to our rooms. One guy who opened the door to leave walked right into a campus safety officer who was just about to knock on it. Apparently there had been a noise complaint and he had come to check on it. He immediately sees the bottle of wine in the middle of the floor, along with a half empty bottle of Smirnoff vodka and the bong and pill container full of weed just sitting on the table. All of us had been to faded or drunk to really put anything away, so it all ended up confiscated. I had to meet with the same guy from Res Life and this time I had to write a letter home and I got a written formal warning. That was no big deal, my parents knew I drank, so this was just like a slap on the wrist. I learned to always conceal your questionable items though.