Yesterday I blazed pretty much all day. I rolled a joint and went to the dog park, where I smoked and walked around as my dogs went ape-shit and ran around like crazy. The morning was cold and rainy, but about two o’clock, the sun came out and all the clouds cleared away. It’s supposed to be sunny and hot all weekend, so I can’t wait for Seattle to finally have some good weather. Anyways, after that, I went to my favorite local burger joint and ordered a huge burger, malted chocolate shake and fries. Then I went home, loaded up my bong and went through two huge bowls. I headed out to pick up my boyfriend and go to the Mariners game. When I picked him up, he was all quiet, and hardly said anything the entire car ride, which is really weird because he is a super talkative person. It was also really weird because he like wouldn’t let me touch him. I tried holding his hand, and putting my arm around him, but he kinda just brushed me off. So I definitely knew something was up, and kind of had been expecting him to break up with me, but it still sucked a lot when he did it. I knew he was right though, it was never going to work out with the whole long distance thing. Maybe in like 5 years or something we will run into each other and things will start up again when we live in the same place. At least the Mariners ended up winning the game, so it wasn’t a total waste of time and money. Plus I was high as fuck, so that was fun all on its own, and helped a bit with the breakup. The funny thing is, I think my ex took it a lot harder than me, because he seemed pretty torn up about it and wouldn’t even let me drive him home, preferring to take the bus.