So I’m back in Seattle, and I’m feeling a little adventurous and wanting to meet new people after breaking up with my boyfriend, so I cruise craigslist looking for people selling pot under the name of 420. I email probably like 20 people and get back a few responses. The closest one to my house was only a ten minute drive and when I checked out his facebook page, he was definitely no cop. Tatted up, rockin the fitted hat and hip hop apparel to match, I noticed that he had an album up, so I googled him and it turns out he is actually a rapper who grew up in Cali under some pretty legit producers and such. So I set up to meet him in the parking lot of a store by his house and he showed up right on time. He hopped in my car and we said our hellos. He kindly showed me the eighth he had wrapped up nicely in tin foil for me. I asked him what strain it was, and he said he didn’t know, but that he had smoked it and it was dank. I payed for my product, said thanks, and was on my way home to try out some Seattle flavored weed.