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Free Weed

So, the other day I picked up an eighth of Chem Dog and I was talking with my dealer afterwards, just kinda hanging out and he was super high, so we walked to the marketplace and I bought him an orange juice. While we were walking back, he make me quite a nice little offer. I was mentioning how I liked living in my dorm because it has a bunch of freshman in it and they are all super chill, and he asked me if any of them smoke weed. I knew for a fact that many of them did and I said so, so he told me that if I could get at least a few of them to start buying weed from him, he could get me my bud for free. Sweet deal! So, I found a few likely candidates and invited them to my room later tonight and we are going to have a nice little smoking sesh where I’ll hopefully make some new friends and earn some free weed. =)

Sick New Piece

Check out this vid for a new bubbler I bought today. Let me know what y’all think!

OMG Fake Weed

So the other day I went to the Piece of Mind smoke shop to pick up some cyclone blunt cones and a few glass screens, which they gave me for free, and I hung out there for like half an hour just chatting with Boone, one of the guys who works there. He had the cutest little Chihuahua puppy names Tina or Tinkles or something like that. He told me about hempfest, which he went to, and how he got his green card there and he has an appointment at one of the eight new Compassionate Care dispensaries that are opening up simultaneously in Washington. Then he gave me a sample bag of OMG, which is synthetic weed. He told me he has tried pretty much all the synthetic stuff out there and that this was the best and actually worked. So, I took it home and had to try it out.

The bud itself was very fluffy and light and smelled heavily of peach, which was nice. It burned super well and had a very different taste and smell, not as good as weed, but different and not unpleasant. Well, the stuff does work, It definitely got me high, but only for about 15 minutes, although I didn’t smoke that much of it. I think this is something I might experiment with just for kicks, because it was good, but why buy fake weed, when the real stuff is so easy to get.

My First Bong Video!!!

Well, the kids fought the whole time on the camping trip, so mom and dad decided to end it a day early, but I certainly had a blast. Lots to tell you all about, but first, check out this YouTube video I just made of a new bong and pre-cooler I got. Let me know what you think!

Camping Trip

Tonight I leave for a 5 day camping trip with my family up in leavenworth, so I won’t be making any more posts until then, but when I get back I will be sure to have lots of great adventures to tell. I picked up a fourth last night of some dank orange bud and bought a few cyclones and swishers to roll blunts with. I spent the last two night hanging out with my new dealer and friend, Jo, who is also a rapper and I’ll be sure to write up our adventures also.

Making Cannabutter

Yesterday I finished the first 1/8 of mystery weed that Joe sold me who I found on craigslist, and I had 2.5 grams of spent weed that I had used in the vapor genie that I could now bake with. Since my parents are home a ton in the summer, I couldn’t use the kitchen to cook it normally by letting it simmer in butter for several hours, so I experimented with using the microwave. I put 2 tablespoons of butter and melted them until the butter was boiling when I removed it from the microwave. I then dumped in the weed and stirred. It immediately smelled as if the weed was cooking, that cannabutter smell. I added water and then strained out all the leaves and put the butter and water in the refrigerator. It only took about 30 minutes for the butter to harden and then I drained the water. I decided to eat all of it at once, so I put the butter on a piece of toast and covered it with jam. This covered up the cannabutter taste pretty well, but I could still taste it every time I burped or hiccuped. It took only about 30 minutes for me to start feeling it and the high lasted about 3 hours and was pretty mild. It gave me a deeper body high than just smoking. Overall, I would say the microwave method worked, but is not nearly as good as letting the weed cook in the butter for several hours. Good for if you are in a hurry though.

Vapor Genie Magic

After my boyfriend broke up with me, I was bummed, so I picked up some weed and decided to buy a new piece to cheer myself up. My lungs had been bothering me a little bit lately and I had been coughing now and then, so I decided a vaporizer might be a nice addition to the pieces I already own. I also wanted to get one because they can save you a lot of money on weed in the long haul. So I went to Piece of Mind and bought a purple vapor genie. I got home and immediately loaded the bowl to try it out. It took me a little while, but once I figured out how hard I needed to hit it to get vapor without burning it, it works like a charm. I really do love the vapor genie after having used it only a few days now. It is great for solo toking, but I would never use it in a circle or with friends for several reasons. The bowl, while a great size for a few hits by yourself, isn’t big enough to be passed around. When I load it up I usually get between 2 and 4 hits from a bowl. It only takes one bowl to get me mildly high and two bowls gets me there good.

And let me tell you, you haven’t tasted weed until you have had it through a vaporizer. The taste comes in beautifully clear and fills your mouth because there is no nasty burning taste to cover it up. The pipe is also super portable and durable because its made from wood. One downside is that it takes a while to heat up, so especially for the first hit, it can be a little annoying to heat it up with your lighter. A great thing about it that adds to the portability though is that once you load your bowl and screw on the top, you don’t have to worry about spilling your weed or it getting blown away or anything, which is great for when you’re on the go. It also looks similar to a tobacco pipe, so you could pass it off as one if you wanted to smoke in public. The best part about having a vaporizer though I think is that you get to reuse the weed that you vape by cooking with it!

Chocolate Fountains

This week is the last week that I am staying in Los Angeles doing summer research, so last night we had our last hallspread. Along with all the checkout and moving out announcements and procedural information, the activity and festivity of the night were the three chocolate fountains they had rented- one for milk, dark, and white chocolate. This all took place in the courtyard of our dorm and in the middle were two long tables filled with delicious foods meant to be dipped in chocolate. Strawberries, bananas, apples, pretzels, marshmallows, vanilla wafers, and much more were there for us to scarf down covered in a coating of delicious melty chocolate.


Last night I picked up 12 grams of Pot of Gold for $160. Pretty pricey, but the stuff reeks or thc, lol. I bought so much because I have exactly one weeks left in L.A. so I am going to smoke as much as I can before I head back and take whatever is left with me. I’m doing this because my boyfriend is very anti-weed, but he hasn’t tried it yet. He agreed to try it with me and I think once he does, he will be okay with it, but I made a deal with him that I could smoke as much as I wanted while in L.A. if I agreed to get a med card when I came back to Seattle. No problem for me. =) So, I went back to my room and immediately rolled a blunt. It was already 9 PM so it was all dark out and the sky was completely clear. I walked up the hill to when a bench was and you could look out over the entire valley. The sky was amazing, filled with stars and constellations so clear against the black backdrop of the sky. The most absolutely brilliant star of all, however, was venus, which is actually a planet. Brighter than all the stars, it even outshined the moon. After enjoying the view, I walked down to the little park down the hill and just layed back enjoying my high and appreciating the experiences that I get to enjoy. I sat there and just really thought about how lucky I was to be where I am, at a college where I get excellent grades, make good money, have plenty of free time for friends, and get to smoke all the weed I want. God Bless.


Yesterday, I went with some friends to go see inception, since everyone who saw it was raving about how mind blowing and awesome it was. Before we left, I invited Max over and we smoked for like an hour our of my bubbler. We smoked the OGP and also some of the hash I had made and by the time we went to the movie we were flying high. We went to a theater that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays plays all their movies for only $3, so we had extra money for food and we stocked up on popcorn, nachos, and candy. The movie itself was pretty good. The plot wasn’t too complicated and they explained everything really well. Leo is once again brilliant and delivers a moving performance. The concept was cool, but I didn’t think it was as intricate as most people make it out to believe. The best part of the movie was the action scenes, especially the ones with changing gravities. Killer action sequences plus decent plot and great acting make for a good movie.