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Gangsta Rappa

So I’m back in Seattle, and I’m feeling a little adventurous and wanting to meet new people after breaking up with my boyfriend, so I cruise craigslist looking for people selling pot under the name of 420. I email probably like 20 people and get back a few responses. The closest one to my house was only a ten minute drive and when I checked out his facebook page, he was definitely no cop. Tatted up, rockin the fitted hat and hip hop apparel to match, I noticed that he had an album up, so I googled him and it turns out he is actually a rapper who grew up in Cali under some pretty legit producers and such. So I set up to meet him in the parking lot of a store by his house and he showed up right on time. He hopped in my car and we said our hellos. He kindly showed me the eighth he had wrapped up nicely in tin foil for me. I asked him what strain it was, and he said he didn’t know, but that he had smoked it and it was dank. I payed for my product, said thanks, and was on my way home to try out some Seattle flavored weed.

Breakup and a Win

Yesterday I blazed pretty much all day. I rolled a joint and went to the dog park, where I smoked and walked around as my dogs went ape-shit and ran around like crazy. The morning was cold and rainy, but about two o’clock, the sun came out and all the clouds cleared away. It’s supposed to be sunny and hot all weekend, so I can’t wait for Seattle to finally have some good weather. Anyways, after that, I went to my favorite local burger joint and ordered a huge burger, malted chocolate shake and fries. Then I went home, loaded up my bong and went through two huge bowls. I headed out to pick up my boyfriend and go to the Mariners game. When I picked him up, he was all quiet, and hardly said anything the entire car ride, which is really weird because he is a super talkative person. It was also really weird because he like wouldn’t let me touch him. I tried holding his hand, and putting my arm around him, but he kinda just brushed me off. So I definitely knew something was up, and kind of had been expecting him to break up with me, but it still sucked a lot when he did it. I knew he was right though, it was never going to work out with the whole long distance thing. Maybe in like 5 years or something we will run into each other and things will start up again when we live in the same place. At least the Mariners ended up winning the game, so it wasn’t a total waste of time and money. Plus I was high as fuck, so that was fun all on its own, and helped a bit with the breakup. The funny thing is, I think my ex took it a lot harder than me, because he seemed pretty torn up about it and wouldn’t even let me drive him home, preferring to take the bus.

Second semester my luck seemed to be running out because I got caught again by campus safety violating the alcohol policy. It was a Saturday night and the school was throwing a dance featuring DJs from campus and everybody was drunk or high. Earlier, I had pre-gamed in a friend’s room and then a few of us had gone out to smoke a joint together. The dance was a ton of fun, and consisted mainly of a large mass of intoxicated people just dancing and doing their thang to some crazy music. Afterwards, about 8 of us headed back to our friend’s room to wind down the night. When we got to his room, we sat around and ate chips and salsa and passed around a bottle of wine. We also got out a sick bong they had and loaded a few bowls, passing it around to those who were interested. We were all pretty far gone at this point and it was getting close to 1 AM so some of us decided to start heading back to our rooms. One guy who opened the door to leave walked right into a campus safety officer who was just about to knock on it. Apparently there had been a noise complaint and he had come to check on it. He immediately sees the bottle of wine in the middle of the floor, along with a half empty bottle of Smirnoff vodka and the bong and pill container full of weed just sitting on the table. All of us had been to faded or drunk to really put anything away, so it all ended up confiscated. I had to meet with the same guy from Res Life and this time I had to write a letter home and I got a written formal warning. That was no big deal, my parents knew I drank, so this was just like a slap on the wrist. I learned to always conceal your questionable items though.

Chocolate Fountains

This week is the last week that I am staying in Los Angeles doing summer research, so last night we had our last hallspread. Along with all the checkout and moving out announcements and procedural information, the activity and festivity of the night were the three chocolate fountains they had rented- one for milk, dark, and white chocolate. This all took place in the courtyard of our dorm and in the middle were two long tables filled with delicious foods meant to be dipped in chocolate. Strawberries, bananas, apples, pretzels, marshmallows, vanilla wafers, and much more were there for us to scarf down covered in a coating of delicious melty chocolate.

Taking A Day Off

This whole ten weeks that I have been doing summer research, I have yet to take a day off to myself, so yesterday morning, I woke up a bit early to send my professor an email saying I wouldn’t be coming in because I was sick, and then I went back to sleep, sleeping in until 10 AM. I woke up and rolled a blunt of OGP, blasted some music and got dressed and washed up. Then I walked over to the tattoo parlor to say hi to the guys there. Everyone was super nice and I felt like a special member or part of the family. My tattoo is pretty much completely healed now, so Bamboo took some more pictures. Josh was super cool, and is fast becoming my favorite, and he showed me a beautiful back piece he was working on. After that, I walked two stores down to the smoke shop where I picked up six more blunt cones as well as a $5 metal one hitter that looks like a cigarette. Then I walked to the taco truck and ordered two carnitas, one asada, and one veggie burrito, with everything on them to go. I walked back to my room and proceeded to smoke two joints, eat all of the taco truck, watch southpark, and skype with my boyfriend. At 6 PM I went with a bunch of people staying in the dorm out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was a cool style of eating food, where you all shared, eating with your hands and dipping bread into various sauces and meats. I got back to the dorm and passed out at around 11 PM. All in all, it was a great day off.


Last night I picked up 12 grams of Pot of Gold for $160. Pretty pricey, but the stuff reeks or thc, lol. I bought so much because I have exactly one weeks left in L.A. so I am going to smoke as much as I can before I head back and take whatever is left with me. I’m doing this because my boyfriend is very anti-weed, but he hasn’t tried it yet. He agreed to try it with me and I think once he does, he will be okay with it, but I made a deal with him that I could smoke as much as I wanted while in L.A. if I agreed to get a med card when I came back to Seattle. No problem for me. =) So, I went back to my room and immediately rolled a blunt. It was already 9 PM so it was all dark out and the sky was completely clear. I walked up the hill to when a bench was and you could look out over the entire valley. The sky was amazing, filled with stars and constellations so clear against the black backdrop of the sky. The most absolutely brilliant star of all, however, was venus, which is actually a planet. Brighter than all the stars, it even outshined the moon. After enjoying the view, I walked down to the little park down the hill and just layed back enjoying my high and appreciating the experiences that I get to enjoy. I sat there and just really thought about how lucky I was to be where I am, at a college where I get excellent grades, make good money, have plenty of free time for friends, and get to smoke all the weed I want. God Bless.

Cross Joint

Yesterday was a long tiring day. I worked all day on my poster presentation for our research conference coming up and then after work I walked all the way to the movie theater to see if they had my cell phone, and when I got there all they had were wallets. Fuck! Looks like I have to buy a new phone. I walked back to the dorm and by the time I got there my feet were in pain, all my leg muscles were soar and I was exhausted. When I entered the room, I was immediately greeted by that long familiar stench of weed. I go sit down on my bed and my roommate says hi and then turns to me and goes, “I had a really shitty day.” so I say, “oh noooooo, I’m sorry, my day kind of sucked too.” but then she cuts in and says “so, I decided to roll one of these.” She hold up a beautifully rolled cross joint and I immediately go, “oh yessssss!” We called over our friend Matt and then all went outside to go smoke it. This was the first cross joint I had ever seen in person and smoked and it was amazing. It was completely sealed properly, so it was a bit hard getting the smoke to travel through and into your lungs, but you just had to take stronger drags. At one point, when the joint had burned to the middle, we realized it was going to fall apart, and it ended up breaking perfectly into three mini joints, one for each of us. We decided to call it the puzzle piece joint. LOL. We got extremely high from that shit, and I can’t wait until I make enough money to roll these on a weekly basis.


Yesterday, I went with some friends to go see inception, since everyone who saw it was raving about how mind blowing and awesome it was. Before we left, I invited Max over and we smoked for like an hour our of my bubbler. We smoked the OGP and also some of the hash I had made and by the time we went to the movie we were flying high. We went to a theater that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays plays all their movies for only $3, so we had extra money for food and we stocked up on popcorn, nachos, and candy. The movie itself was pretty good. The plot wasn’t too complicated and they explained everything really well. Leo is once again brilliant and delivers a moving performance. The concept was cool, but I didn’t think it was as intricate as most people make it out to believe. The best part of the movie was the action scenes, especially the ones with changing gravities. Killer action sequences plus decent plot and great acting make for a good movie.

High Hallspreads

Every Tuesday, the RAs in the dorm I am staying in, with all the summer researchers, hold something called hall-spread, which is where everyone in the dorm is supposed to gather for an hour for announcements, food, fun, and most importantly, toilet paper. Usually it ends up being five or so people who show up to eat the food and steal the toilet paper. This week, since the snack provided was ice cream sundaes, my roommate and I decided to get blazed before hall-spread and then go early and make ourselves colossal bowls of ice cream. After we built our masterpieces, we stole eight rolls of toilet paper and dashed back up to our room, where we set up the projector and watched She’s The Man on the wall.

T-Break and OGP

So, today is the first day of the tolerance break I am taking. Just until Friday, I am not going to smoke any weed. Then when Friday hits, I’m going to buy half an ounce of OG Pine Kush and be high all of next week before I go home. One of the reasons that I’m taking this t-break is that I go home to Seattle in two weeks, and although I’m in pretty good shape already, I want to shed a few more pounds before I head back to my boyfriend. Luckily for me, once I stop smoking weed, all desire to eat food leaves my body and I can easily drop five to ten pounds in a week. I plan on smoking about half of it here and then flying the rest back with me in case I can’t find another hook up for the three weeks im back in Sea-town. That way I’ll for sure be stocked for Hempfest.