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My First Bong Video!!!

Well, the kids fought the whole time on the camping trip, so mom and dad decided to end it a day early, but I certainly had a blast. Lots to tell you all about, but first, check out this YouTube video I just made of a new bong and pre-cooler I got. Let me know what you think!

New Bong

I am a huge fan of craigslist and love getting great deals, so I spend some amount of time every week just browsing. This week I happened upon a great deal. For just $30 I bought this sick bong brand new from some Mexican guy in a huge pickup truck. It even came with an ash-catcher as the bowl. This thing hits like a dream and last night, I got to really put it to use with my two friends Chelsey and Manny. We went and smoked outside for a good while, going through 4 hugely packed bowls. Then we drove to Mcdonalds and ordered a ton of food. We drove back to campus and my two friends both went back to their rooms, so I went to the lounge and hung out with my friend Margaret for about an hour. After that she went to bed and it was around 1 AM, but I was really pumped from getting my tattoo, so I hit up a party that was going on in a different dorm with a bunch of spoken word artists and rappers who were there for a camp. It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of new people. Now I just need to name my bong.

Last night I got my second tattoo at a shop right near my school in LA. It reads Los Angeles and has 5 butterflies representing each of my five family members and each of their favorite colors. I got tatted by a guy named Bamboo, so I asked him where his nick name comes from. He told me that when he was 16, there was a bunch of bamboo growing down the street from where he lived, so he used to take it and carve all sorts of things from it. One of the things he carved from them was bongs and his friends started wanting them, so he would make them and sell them to his friends. He said he would make them 6, 8, or 12 feet long. The 12 footer would take 3 people to smoke and it would knock you out. There were two other guys in the shop, Eric and Pablo, and Bamboo and Eric just ripped on Pablo the entire time. They even let me slap him, which I have to say I enjoyed. The tattoo itself took two hours and hurt like a mother-fucker, but I am just ecstatic about how it came out.

College Thursdays

So I get a text yesterday from my dealer saying he’s having a little party that night to celebrate what he calls college Thursdays. I went over to his house with my roommate and our friend Sarah at around 10 and stayed for about an hour. We played beer pong and smoked a blunt that went around the entire room. A lot of my senior and upperclassmen friends were there and it was really nice just being able to chill and hang out with some cool people. After that we walked over to the sorority house down the block and went to smoke out of my roommate’s friend’s new bong. When we were smoking upstairs in a bedroom, they turned on a tape recorder that they have and record all the things they say and conversations they have when they are high. What a cool idea! We plan on taking over the school’s radio station for one night, getting blitzed and just saying whatever we want on it, lol. After that, I went to go sit outside with a bunch of girls from the house I didn’t know. I introduced myself to them and made a few new pretty cool friends. It was a good night.

Acetone Does the Trick

So, if you don’t know by now,  I am doing summer chemistry research at my college over the summer. Both my bowl piece and my bubbler, which are both glass, have gotten amazingly filled with resin. I tried cleaning it out with water, and that helped, but they were still pretty gross. I know you can use alcohol to clean them, but in my lab, to clean things we always use acetone, so I decided to bring my pipe into lab last night while no one was there and I cleaned them just using acetone. I worked perfectly! Plus, it was free and close by. What substances have you used to clean your piece with?

Because I want to become a vet, I spend a lot of time in labs. One thing I noticed while I have been in lab is how almost all the instruments ad tools are made from glass. They have beakers that look just like ash catchers and tubes that could function as percs. I was thinking of taking some of the equipment and fashioning myself a nice glass on glass bong made from chemistry lab parts. I’m not exactly sure of the design so if you have any ideas or suggestions, leave a comment!


So the first time I smoked weed was at the beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I was 16 years old and it was 2:00 AM. My friends Amelia, Sheree, and I had just stumbled back to the hotel room of the two guys we had met at the bar we had been drinking at. We were all sitting on the floor in a circle, telling stories. One of the guys, Pappi, asks if we wanted to smoke. I said sure, and so did everyone else. Zack, the other guy, asked if we had ever smoked out of a gatorbong before. I had never smoked out of anything, but I kept that to myself. As he pulled it out and loaded the bowl, he explained how it worked. You just had to put your mouth to the opening and then inhale at a steady rate so that it bubbled. I took the first hit and Pappi helped me with the carb. I was already extremely drunk, but that one huge hit sent me over the edge. I could literally no longer see straight. I got the worst cottonmouth and ran to the sink for a drink of water. We went around the circle and told stories, but I was too messed up to speak, so I just passed out in the middle of their floor. The next morning I had to wake up at 7:30, and still very drunk, I went to go on a two hour horse ride on the beach. Luckily, the hangover hadn’t hit yet, so it was actually pretty fun. My first experience with weed was done in grand style in Mexico and it is one I will never forget.


Ok, so this post is about my bubbler named Rippit. I named him that because on the downstem of the bubbler inside the glass of the bowl, there is a beautiful white frog with black eyes. The rest of the bubbler is entirely clear with black swirls around it. Its great because you can see the smoke bubble up and through to your mouth. Anyways, the name came from the from, because frogs go “ribbit” but since its a pipe and I take “rips” from it, I named him Rippit. I bought it for only $35 from Piece of Mind in Seattle, WA.  It was a super good price for the size and quality of bubbler that I got. The shop I got it from is pretty new. It opened up just a five minute drive from my house on Lake City Way about two years ago. The shop is super clean and incense are burning. The guy behind the counter is a super chill nice guy who will be friendly and chat with you.