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No Sense of Direction

The third time I hung out with Jo, I picked him up and we drove over to Magnuson Park. We got there and it was already pretty dark out and no one was at the park, so we took out my rasta colored bong with ashcatcher and each hit it a few times. Then we walked around all the different fields just talking, but when we decided we should turn around and head back, we realized we had no idea where we were. We made it back so that we found a soccer field, but it was surrounded by a fence. The fence wasn’t too high, so we decided to just hop it, and after that it wasn’t long before we found the parking lot. We eventually made it back to the car, so then we drove off to Taco Bell and ordered a bunch of food. Then I dropped Jo off and went home. I think its funny how I always seem to become best friends with my drug dealers, which I must admit, has its pluses and perks.

Brian Mcknight

As I mentioned in my previous post, my first pot dealer was a guy I found through Craigslist. I was 17 years old and bored so the logical answer to arrive at was that I should start smoking weed more regularly. I was mostly only bored on the weekends, because I didn’t have any real good friends in high school, but I was at that stage where I was starting to get sick of hanging out with my family. I didn’t know which of the kids at school smoked, (the cool ones, needless to say) so I turned to my friend, the internet. I new you could find almost anything on Craigslist, so that was the first place I went, and it turned out, I was right. just by typing “420” into the search bar and doing a search of the personals, hundreds of posts would pop up. Most of them had to do with sex, but a good number were actually advertisements for people with some pot.

I replied to about 50 of them and then I waited. Only about 10 responded and said that they would be willing to sell me some. I did some research on the typical prices and narrowed it down to about three different people. One of them happened to live only a five minute drive from my house. I was very nervous about the whole thing and I kept worrying if I was going to get caught by a cop or kidnapped and raped.

We decided on a time and spot and I told him what color car to look for. When the date arrived, I drove out to the spot we agreed to meet and nervously waited. I saw him coming from across the street and waved over to him. I rolled down the window, but when he came up to the car, he approached the passenger side and reached for the handle. I unlocked the door and he climbed into the car. We went through some small talk and then he pulled out the bag of weed. I took it and gave him the $40.

When he got out of the car, I waited till he was out of sight. Then I opened the bag and examined my newly acquired product. I smelled it and I scrutinized it. The beautiful clear crystals that sat on the leaves, and the strange little purple hairs that grew in between. It was a bit more than I had imagined and was glad to have so much weed (I didn’t weigh it back then, but I would say he used to give me 4 gram 1/8ths). I then went home and proceeded to smoke my first bowl of weed that I bought with my own money.

I started smoking pot the summer after my sophomore year in high school when I went to Mexico. I didn’t start smoking more regularly until the second semester of my junior year of high school, when I found my first dealer by searching for 420 on Craigslist.  I would save up money and occasionally buy an 1/8th from him, but I would only smoke maybe once or twice a week. Things changed when summer rolled around and my dealer ended up in jail (for unpaid parking tickets, not pot) and so I found a new dealer through my ex-boyfriend Miles. This guy, Todd, was a great dealer, because he would deliver right to my house. During the summer, I would typically smoke about once a day and went through an 1/8 about every two and a half weeks.

When Senior year started, I had a super light work load and was only taking five classes, two of which were art, so I would often only have two classes per day. That’s when I started experimenting with smoking more in new places. I started coming to a few classes high and to the dog park high or to go play basketball high. Towards the end of my senior year of high school, I was going through an 1/8 about every week and a half and the most I had ever bought at one tie was a 1/4. Summer rolled around and my money ran out. My freelance writing business was in a slump and I didn’t have any money coming in, so I went dry. For the second half of the summer, I didn’t smoke.

Then college came around and I was introduced to wonderful California. I had previously lived in Washington, which is about as “green” as it gets, but California was just on another level of acceptance. Everybody was a dealer, or knew ten of them, and everybody smoked, if not regularly, then at least on occasion, and no one looked down or frowned upon it. The first semester of my college freshman year I drank more than I smoked. I went to parties and got trashed mostly. But I did smoke probably 3 days a week, never my own stash though, usually just in a friend’s room. If I ever wanted to smoke, one of my friends, Josh, smoked every day and got super quality weed from the dispensary. However, second semester I decided I wanted to have my own stash, so I asked around who the best people to buy from were and I found a new dealer, Scott.

He was the first dealer I had who gave me options. I would walk down campus to his dorm and he would have typically four or five different strains, at different prices too. This was really nice for when I was a bit short on cash so I could get a cheaper strain. I started going through an 1/8 every week and I started smoking every day. I made several more contacts during the semester and even bought two full ounces. I feel like I’ve become quite the expert when it comes to pot and its culture and I would like to share my knowledge and experiences with the world.