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No Sense of Direction

The third time I hung out with Jo, I picked him up and we drove over to Magnuson Park. We got there and it was already pretty dark out and no one was at the park, so we took out my rasta colored bong with ashcatcher and each hit it a few times. Then we walked around all the different fields just talking, but when we decided we should turn around and head back, we realized we had no idea where we were. We made it back so that we found a soccer field, but it was surrounded by a fence. The fence wasn’t too high, so we decided to just hop it, and after that it wasn’t long before we found the parking lot. We eventually made it back to the car, so then we drove off to Taco Bell and ordered a bunch of food. Then I dropped Jo off and went home. I think its funny how I always seem to become best friends with my drug dealers, which I must admit, has its pluses and perks.

New Bong

I am a huge fan of craigslist and love getting great deals, so I spend some amount of time every week just browsing. This week I happened upon a great deal. For just $30 I bought this sick bong brand new from some Mexican guy in a huge pickup truck. It even came with an ash-catcher as the bowl. This thing hits like a dream and last night, I got to really put it to use with my two friends Chelsey and Manny. We went and smoked outside for a good while, going through 4 hugely packed bowls. Then we drove to Mcdonalds and ordered a ton of food. We drove back to campus and my two friends both went back to their rooms, so I went to the lounge and hung out with my friend Margaret for about an hour. After that she went to bed and it was around 1 AM, but I was really pumped from getting my tattoo, so I hit up a party that was going on in a different dorm with a bunch of spoken word artists and rappers who were there for a camp. It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of new people. Now I just need to name my bong.