I am a huge fan of craigslist and love getting great deals, so I spend some amount of time every week just browsing. This week I happened upon a great deal. For just $30 I bought this sick bong brand new from some Mexican guy in a huge pickup truck. It even came with an ash-catcher as the bowl. This thing hits like a dream and last night, I got to really put it to use with my two friends Chelsey and Manny. We went and smoked outside for a good while, going through 4 hugely packed bowls. Then we drove to Mcdonalds and ordered a ton of food. We drove back to campus and my two friends both went back to their rooms, so I went to the lounge and hung out with my friend Margaret for about an hour. After that she went to bed and it was around 1 AM, but I was really pumped from getting my tattoo, so I hit up a party that was going on in a different dorm with a bunch of spoken word artists and rappers who were there for a camp. It was really fun and I got to meet a lot of new people. Now I just need to name my bong.