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A Day at the Movies

This past week I have seen two movies. I saw Despicable Me and Salt, both of which I would highly recommend. I of course blazed before each of them. Before I went to go see Despicable Me with my 16 year old brother, I took a few hits from the bong of the romulan weed I had picked up earlier. Even though I would love for us to smoke together, my brother is a straight ace kind of kid- a perfect mama’s boy. Nonetheless, we get along great and hang out together all the time. He knows I smoke a ton of weed and I don’t think he likes it, but doesn’t really care either way. Then we drove to the movie and made it just in time for the previews to start. We saw it during the middle of the day because we had to drop off my car for maintenance for a few hours anyways. We hadn’t had enough time to stop at Safeway to get some cheap snacks, so we had to buy food at the movie theater and I got the nachos combo. delicious. I thought the movie would be really funny, and while it did have its moments, it was much more of a heart warming movie. I absolutely loved it and would see it again for sure, because somehow they keep making animated children cuter and cuter. lol. The second movie that I saw and loved was Salt, starring Angelina Jolie. This alone is an excellent reason to see the movie and may be a very large reason for me liking it so much. Angelina Jolie is the sexiest woman, who also is an amazing actress and I could watch her for hours, as I guess I did, lol. The movie was action packed and the plot was gripping. I would also go see this one again.


Yesterday, I went with some friends to go see inception, since everyone who saw it was raving about how mind blowing and awesome it was. Before we left, I invited Max over and we smoked for like an hour our of my bubbler. We smoked the OGP and also some of the hash I had made and by the time we went to the movie we were flying high. We went to a theater that on Tuesdays and Wednesdays plays all their movies for only $3, so we had extra money for food and we stocked up on popcorn, nachos, and candy. The movie itself was pretty good. The plot wasn’t too complicated and they explained everything really well. Leo is once again brilliant and delivers a moving performance. The concept was cool, but I didn’t think it was as intricate as most people make it out to believe. The best part of the movie was the action scenes, especially the ones with changing gravities. Killer action sequences plus decent plot and great acting make for a good movie.

My 4 piece Sharp stone Grinder

So, its Friday, and not just any Friday, but one on the end of a three day holiday weekend. Now, my roommate, Rebecca, smokes just as much weed as I do and we get along with each other great. We went down to the marketplace for dinner with Rose and then afterwards we stopped by our dealer’s (Ron’s) house, to pick up an eighth of Lemon Haze and a dub of Green Haze. Then we went back up to our room to try out our newly purchased product. We smoked a bowl of the lemon (which actually smelled lemony) and then we decided to walk to the local smoke shop near by and buy grinders. Rebecca had just lost hers and I had been wanting to buy a really nice one. While we were smoking, we had a great conversation about how life is meant to be enjoyed and taken slowly, because we were in no rush. Anyways, we walked to the smoke shop and had a look at all their cool pieces. I totally love just looking at all the amazing designs and systems people come up with for smoking weed. I ended up getting a 4 piece Sharptstone that’s a pretty decent size for only $25. I also bought some orange chronic pipe cleaner and cleaned out my pieces before we smoked. The grinder works amazing and I hope it collects a lot of kief.

When we got back, we smoked a bowl from my bubbler, while Rebecca rolled a blunt, all while listening to music. We then met up with two more friends, Deshawn and Chelsey, and smoked the blunt on the stairs by the baseball field. Then we all headed back to the dorm to watch paranormal activity. Before we started the movie, we decided to order pizza from dominoes. The pizza and the movie were the shit and overall it was an awesome chill night with my friends.

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Edward Scissor-Hands

I just got blazed and watched Edward Scissorhands for the first time. Johnny Depp continues to impress me with every movie he’s in. It was funny, sad, happy, and fucked up all the same time. Loved it! I woke up at around 11:00 AM and did my hair and got dressed and such for a while. Then I packed myself a nice fat bowl in Rippit, my straight shot large bubbler, and put Edward Scissorhands on my computer with the volume on full. Now, luckily, the LA Confidential that I was smoking doesn’t make me sleepy, just super duper relaxed, but it does give me the muchies like no other. So, I ate the other entire half of the domino’s pizza I had ordered last night. I had eaten the other half the previous night along with an entire chicken and bacon ranch sandwich. God, just saying its name makes my mouth water. The pizza was cheese and beef, delicious. Oh ya, last night I also had an entire can of alphabet beef soup. Munchies again.