So, the other day I picked up an eighth of Chem Dog and I was talking with my dealer afterwards, just kinda hanging out and he was super high, so we walked to the marketplace and I bought him an orange juice. While we were walking back, he make me quite a nice little offer. I was mentioning how I liked living in my dorm because it has a bunch of freshman in it and they are all super chill, and he asked me if any of them smoke weed. I knew for a fact that many of them did and I said so, so he told me that if I could get at least a few of them to start buying weed from him, he could get me my bud for free. Sweet deal! So, I found a few likely candidates and invited them to my room later tonight and we are going to have a nice little smoking sesh where I’ll hopefully make some new friends and earn some free weed. =)