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OMG Fake Weed

So the other day I went to the Piece of Mind smoke shop to pick up some cyclone blunt cones and a few glass screens, which they gave me for free, and I hung out there for like half an hour just chatting with Boone, one of the guys who works there. He had the cutest little Chihuahua puppy names Tina or Tinkles or something like that. He told me about hempfest, which he went to, and how he got his green card there and he has an appointment at one of the eight new Compassionate Care dispensaries that are opening up simultaneously in Washington. Then he gave me a sample bag of OMG, which is synthetic weed. He told me he has tried pretty much all the synthetic stuff out there and that this was the best and actually worked. So, I took it home and had to try it out.

The bud itself was very fluffy and light and smelled heavily of peach, which was nice. It burned super well and had a very different taste and smell, not as good as weed, but different and not unpleasant. Well, the stuff does work, It definitely got me high, but only for about 15 minutes, although I didn’t smoke that much of it. I think this is something I might experiment with just for kicks, because it was good, but why buy fake weed, when the real stuff is so easy to get.

Taking A Day Off

This whole ten weeks that I have been doing summer research, I have yet to take a day off to myself, so yesterday morning, I woke up a bit early to send my professor an email saying I wouldn’t be coming in because I was sick, and then I went back to sleep, sleeping in until 10 AM. I woke up and rolled a blunt of OGP, blasted some music and got dressed and washed up. Then I walked over to the tattoo parlor to say hi to the guys there. Everyone was super nice and I felt like a special member or part of the family. My tattoo is pretty much completely healed now, so Bamboo took some more pictures. Josh was super cool, and is fast becoming my favorite, and he showed me a beautiful back piece he was working on. After that, I walked two stores down to the smoke shop where I picked up six more blunt cones as well as a $5 metal one hitter that looks like a cigarette. Then I walked to the taco truck and ordered two carnitas, one asada, and one veggie burrito, with everything on them to go. I walked back to my room and proceeded to smoke two joints, eat all of the taco truck, watch southpark, and skype with my boyfriend. At 6 PM I went with a bunch of people staying in the dorm out to eat at an Ethiopian restaurant. It was a cool style of eating food, where you all shared, eating with your hands and dipping bread into various sauces and meats. I got back to the dorm and passed out at around 11 PM. All in all, it was a great day off.

Making Hash and Friends

Let me start off by saying that yesterday was a very good day. I made a lot of progress on my experiment and I got my paycheck, so I was feeling like making a purchase of some sort. Since I bought my Sharpstone a week ago, I have actually accumulated a nice amount of kief, enough that I could make hash with it. So I decided to walk down to one of the local smoke shops and buy a little pollen press to make hash. I walked down to the main street where a few smoke shops were and walked into the first one I came to. It was a tiny little place that was very clean but didn’t have much of a selection of anything. The guy behind the counter didn’t even know what a pollen press was when I asked him if he had one. In fact, when I explained it was something you used to make hash he said “Oh no, we don’t have any of those

After that failed attempt, I decided to go to the smoke shop where I had bought my grinder last week, because it was only a few blocks away and I knew they had pollen presses. I walked in and spent a while looking at all the custom blown glass first. Then I told the guy behind the counter what I wanted and he showed me the different presses they had. There was a real little dinky one that was $15, but a nice aluminum Sharpstone that was only $17. The next step up was a press that was $55, so I ended up going with the little Sharpstone. As I was checking out, I asked the guy behind the counter who blew all their pieces and we got into a nice little conversation about smoking and pieces. He seems like a real chill guy and I hope that we can become friends. I’ll definitely be going back to pick up more supplies.

My 4 piece Sharp stone Grinder

So, its Friday, and not just any Friday, but one on the end of a three day holiday weekend. Now, my roommate, Rebecca, smokes just as much weed as I do and we get along with each other great. We went down to the marketplace for dinner with Rose and then afterwards we stopped by our dealer’s (Ron’s) house, to pick up an eighth of Lemon Haze and a dub of Green Haze. Then we went back up to our room to try out our newly purchased product. We smoked a bowl of the lemon (which actually smelled lemony) and then we decided to walk to the local smoke shop near by and buy grinders. Rebecca had just lost hers and I had been wanting to buy a really nice one. While we were smoking, we had a great conversation about how life is meant to be enjoyed and taken slowly, because we were in no rush. Anyways, we walked to the smoke shop and had a look at all their cool pieces. I totally love just looking at all the amazing designs and systems people come up with for smoking weed. I ended up getting a 4 piece Sharptstone that’s a pretty decent size for only $25. I also bought some orange chronic pipe cleaner and cleaned out my pieces before we smoked. The grinder works amazing and I hope it collects a lot of kief.

When we got back, we smoked a bowl from my bubbler, while Rebecca rolled a blunt, all while listening to music. We then met up with two more friends, Deshawn and Chelsey, and smoked the blunt on the stairs by the baseball field. Then we all headed back to the dorm to watch paranormal activity. Before we started the movie, we decided to order pizza from dominoes. The pizza and the movie were the shit and overall it was an awesome chill night with my friends.

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Ok, so this post is about my bubbler named Rippit. I named him that because on the downstem of the bubbler inside the glass of the bowl, there is a beautiful white frog with black eyes. The rest of the bubbler is entirely clear with black swirls around it. Its great because you can see the smoke bubble up and through to your mouth. Anyways, the name came from the from, because frogs go “ribbit” but since its a pipe and I take “rips” from it, I named him Rippit. I bought it for only $35 from Piece of Mind in Seattle, WA.  It was a super good price for the size and quality of bubbler that I got. The shop I got it from is pretty new. It opened up just a five minute drive from my house on Lake City Way about two years ago. The shop is super clean and incense are burning. The guy behind the counter is a super chill nice guy who will be friendly and chat with you.