So the other day I went to the Piece of Mind smoke shop to pick up some cyclone blunt cones and a few glass screens, which they gave me for free, and I hung out there for like half an hour just chatting with Boone, one of the guys who works there. He had the cutest little Chihuahua puppy names Tina or Tinkles or something like that. He told me about hempfest, which he went to, and how he got his green card there and he has an appointment at one of the eight new Compassionate Care dispensaries that are opening up simultaneously in Washington. Then he gave me a sample bag of OMG, which is synthetic weed. He told me he has tried pretty much all the synthetic stuff out there and that this was the best and actually worked. So, I took it home and had to try it out.

The bud itself was very fluffy and light and smelled heavily of peach, which was nice. It burned super well and had a very different taste and smell, not as good as weed, but different and not unpleasant. Well, the stuff does work, It definitely got me high, but only for about 15 minutes, although I didn’t smoke that much of it. I think this is something I might experiment with just for kicks, because it was good, but why buy fake weed, when the real stuff is so easy to get.