Yesterday I finished the first 1/8 of mystery weed that Joe sold me who I found on craigslist, and I had 2.5 grams of spent weed that I had used in the vapor genie that I could now bake with. Since my parents are home a ton in the summer, I couldn’t use the kitchen to cook it normally by letting it simmer in butter for several hours, so I experimented with using the microwave. I put 2 tablespoons of butter and melted them until the butter was boiling when I removed it from the microwave. I then dumped in the weed and stirred. It immediately smelled as if the weed was cooking, that cannabutter smell. I added water and then strained out all the leaves and put the butter and water in the refrigerator. It only took about 30 minutes for the butter to harden and then I drained the water. I decided to eat all of it at once, so I put the butter on a piece of toast and covered it with jam. This covered up the cannabutter taste pretty well, but I could still taste it every time I burped or hiccuped. It took only about 30 minutes for me to start feeling it and the high lasted about 3 hours and was pretty mild. It gave me a deeper body high than just smoking. Overall, I would say the microwave method worked, but is not nearly as good as letting the weed cook in the butter for several hours. Good for if you are in a hurry though.