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Camping Trip

Tonight I leave for a 5 day camping trip with my family up in leavenworth, so I won’t be making any more posts until then, but when I get back I will be sure to have lots of great adventures to tell. I picked up a fourth last night of some dank orange bud and bought a few cyclones and swishers to roll blunts with. I spent the last two night hanging out with my new dealer and friend, Jo, who is also a rapper and I’ll be sure to write up our adventures also.

Cross Joint

Yesterday was a long tiring day. I worked all day on my poster presentation for our research conference coming up and then after work I walked all the way to the movie theater to see if they had my cell phone, and when I got there all they had were wallets. Fuck! Looks like I have to buy a new phone. I walked back to the dorm and by the time I got there my feet were in pain, all my leg muscles were soar and I was exhausted. When I entered the room, I was immediately greeted by that long familiar stench of weed. I go sit down on my bed and my roommate says hi and then turns to me and goes, “I had a really shitty day.” so I say, “oh noooooo, I’m sorry, my day kind of sucked too.” but then she cuts in and says “so, I decided to roll one of these.” She hold up a beautifully rolled cross joint and I immediately go, “oh yessssss!” We called over our friend Matt and then all went outside to go smoke it. This was the first cross joint I had ever seen in person and smoked and it was amazing. It was completely sealed properly, so it was a bit hard getting the smoke to travel through and into your lungs, but you just had to take stronger drags. At one point, when the joint had burned to the middle, we realized it was going to fall apart, and it ended up breaking perfectly into three mini joints, one for each of us. We decided to call it the puzzle piece joint. LOL. We got extremely high from that shit, and I can’t wait until I make enough money to roll these on a weekly basis.

T-Break and OGP

So, today is the first day of the tolerance break I am taking. Just until Friday, I am not going to smoke any weed. Then when Friday hits, I’m going to buy half an ounce of OG Pine Kush and be high all of next week before I go home. One of the reasons that I’m taking this t-break is that I go home to Seattle in two weeks, and although I’m in pretty good shape already, I want to shed a few more pounds before I head back to my boyfriend. Luckily for me, once I stop smoking weed, all desire to eat food leaves my body and I can easily drop five to ten pounds in a week. I plan on smoking about half of it here and then flying the rest back with me in case I can’t find another hook up for the three weeks im back in Sea-town. That way I’ll for sure be stocked for Hempfest.

Calling Out My Dealer

So today I picked up another eighth of Master Dream (a hybrid between Master Kush and Blue Dream) and when I went back to my room, I weighed it out, as I always do out of habit. To my surprise, the scale only said 2.3 grams! So I thought about if I really wanted to call him out on it or just let it slide since he is such a good dealer. I decided that was a lot to skimp on, so I texted him to let him know. She drove back over to my dorm and brought his dealer friend Tyrone with him this time. It turned out that my scale was off by a whole lot and he had actually given me 3.5. I apologized immensely, and Tyrone was super nice about it. He even gave me some tips about how to fix it and about how a dollar bill is a gram and a penny is 2.5 grams. My dealer owed my 10 anyways, so at least I didn’t make him drive out completely for nothing, but I still feel like a huge dweeb for thinking my dealer has skimped me, seeing as he does do this for a living. Life is just full of these little learning experiences, and I’m learning to cherish them.

Making Hash and Friends

Let me start off by saying that yesterday was a very good day. I made a lot of progress on my experiment and I got my paycheck, so I was feeling like making a purchase of some sort. Since I bought my Sharpstone a week ago, I have actually accumulated a nice amount of kief, enough that I could make hash with it. So I decided to walk down to one of the local smoke shops and buy a little pollen press to make hash. I walked down to the main street where a few smoke shops were and walked into the first one I came to. It was a tiny little place that was very clean but didn’t have much of a selection of anything. The guy behind the counter didn’t even know what a pollen press was when I asked him if he had one. In fact, when I explained it was something you used to make hash he said “Oh no, we don’t have any of those

After that failed attempt, I decided to go to the smoke shop where I had bought my grinder last week, because it was only a few blocks away and I knew they had pollen presses. I walked in and spent a while looking at all the custom blown glass first. Then I told the guy behind the counter what I wanted and he showed me the different presses they had. There was a real little dinky one that was $15, but a nice aluminum Sharpstone that was only $17. The next step up was a press that was $55, so I ended up going with the little Sharpstone. As I was checking out, I asked the guy behind the counter who blew all their pieces and we got into a nice little conversation about smoking and pieces. He seems like a real chill guy and I hope that we can become friends. I’ll definitely be going back to pick up more supplies.

Smoking in the Closet

Freshman year, I was unfortunate enough to get stuck with a roommate who was a complete opposite of me. She was neat, I was messy. I love to smoke weed, she doesn’t like the smell. So, she asked me, many times mind you, that I not smoke in the room. I guess that was a reasonable request. However, I tend to get lazy when I’m high, and sometimes smoking in the room was the most convenient choice, especially if I was going to wake and bake. So, what I ended up doing, a lot of the time in the mornings, was to just smoke under my covers before she woke up. That way, she couldn’t hear my lighter or smell the smoke that much. One time, however, I decided it would be easier if I just went inside the closet to smoke one morning. It worked out well, so I started smoking in the closet after classes if I wanted to smoke a lot because the closet contained the smell really well.

One day, however, I was smoking in the closet, when my roommate enters the room. I have the closet door closed behind me, so she doesn’t know I’m there. I figure, if I walked out of the closet it might seem a little weird, so I decided to wait a few minutes for her to leave. Except she didn’t. In fact, her friend, Emma, came into our room and they started to have a conversation. After about 15 minutes, I get bored and just decide to fuck it and come out of the closet. I did and acted like it was no big deal, but my roommate gave me the weirdest look.

Jolly Rancher Blunt Wraps

I was just thinking about how I like flavored papers or blunt wraps way better than the regular ones. And then it hit me. What if the Jolly Rancher candy company made flavored blunt wraps. That would be delicious! It would be like eating candy and getting high at the same time. What could be better? They could even make the wraps so that when you rolled a joint or a blunt, it actually even looked like a long jolly rancher. Another idea I had would be to have flavor changing blunt wraps, like they now have for gum. What do you guys think?


My mom just told me to smoke weed. Well, sorta. I called her on Skype a few hours ago for a video chat, my once weekly contact with home. Needless to say, I was high, and quite obviously, she noticed. Then she brought up how Washington State is voting to legalize marijuana for recreational use for people 18 years or older. Then she told me to vote for it and that she was going to vote for it. I know its because she has a secret desire to smoke pot! She tried to cover it up by saying it was because she didn’t want her children to end up in jail. I then pointed out that cops don’t arrest people for marijuana and she was being ridiculous. I am definitely going to vote FUCK YES on initiative 1068 so that I can legally smoke wherever the fuck I want to in public in WA. Plus, I could start my own garden, because if the bill passes then it will also be legal to grow and sell. Drug dealer could become a legitimate career.

Smoking in the Lounge

Right now I am sitting in one of the many lounges that are on each floor of my dorm in college. The reason I am staying in a college dorm over the summer is because I am getting paid to do summer research (A.K.A to smoke weed all day and play with chemicals). Anyways, each of these lounges is equipped with comfy furniture and a huge flat-screen TV.  I love bringing my laptop into one of these rooms, along with some snacks, turning on the TV and taking a few big hits. I love attending a college in California where I can smoke just about anywhere, in any room, on campus, and off.

So the first time I smoked weed was at the beach in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. I was 16 years old and it was 2:00 AM. My friends Amelia, Sheree, and I had just stumbled back to the hotel room of the two guys we had met at the bar we had been drinking at. We were all sitting on the floor in a circle, telling stories. One of the guys, Pappi, asks if we wanted to smoke. I said sure, and so did everyone else. Zack, the other guy, asked if we had ever smoked out of a gatorbong before. I had never smoked out of anything, but I kept that to myself. As he pulled it out and loaded the bowl, he explained how it worked. You just had to put your mouth to the opening and then inhale at a steady rate so that it bubbled. I took the first hit and Pappi helped me with the carb. I was already extremely drunk, but that one huge hit sent me over the edge. I could literally no longer see straight. I got the worst cottonmouth and ran to the sink for a drink of water. We went around the circle and told stories, but I was too messed up to speak, so I just passed out in the middle of their floor. The next morning I had to wake up at 7:30, and still very drunk, I went to go on a two hour horse ride on the beach. Luckily, the hangover hadn’t hit yet, so it was actually pretty fun. My first experience with weed was done in grand style in Mexico and it is one I will never forget.